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Division of Academic & Health Affairs

UCOP Division of Academic and health Affairs

There were many challenges: the big and unpredictable scope of the site, the varied functional specifications, and the ever-changing content requirements of the many departments. We were looking for a universal design solution that would be consistent and simple yet customizable and broad enough to cover these diverse needs. The visual design I created is driven by functionality and fits the existing branding and UC logo (header).

I was involved in all design stages including coding standardized XHTML and CSS code for this site's templates.

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UC Online Application— Virtual Tour

UC Online Application Virtual Tour

Even though UC Admissions Online Application was praised for its intuitive user interface and high usability, our team created a "Virtual Tour" to additionally help students familiarize themselves with the many tools available on the site. I participated in user interface design and created the visual design for this project including all graphical elements as well as the layout.

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GTO — Guaranteed Transfer Option


An interactive web applications site for prospective UC students and counselors. I was involved in user interface design, creating user flows and schematics (wire frames), I closely cooperated with the back-end programmers, coded all HTML documents, and created visual design that was consistent with the overall look and feel of the UC admissions application.